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Promoting free thought at City College


After 5 great and productive years as a student club at Sac City College, we have decided it is time for a name change. The Freethinkers name has served us well, and given us the opportunity to educate the college community on the concept of free thought. But it often caused confusion and distraction as well. 

So this Fall 2014 semester we will become the Secular Student Alliance – Sacramento City College chapter (or just SSA-SCC for short). This was a point of discussion last semester and the decision was made unanimously during our planning meeting last week.

Since our inception we have been an affiliate of the national Secular Student Alliance — the fantastic and very supportive organization of over 300 college and high school student groups like ours. Aligning our club name with the national organization will help us to demonstrate our solidarity with the many other student groups of the same name throughout the state and beyond, as well as allow us additional branding support from the SSA. Perhaps most importantly, I think the new name will project to the City College community a more inclusive and positive tone, and clearly communicate the purpose and values of the club. 

We will no longer be maintaining this website. All of our online activity, news, and event info will take place on our public Facebook Page and private Facebook Group. Please join us there. 


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Our first meeting of the Spring semester, 2013. 

Be there, or we’ll assume you’ve been raptured up to heaven or joined a cult.

DATE: Wednesday, Feb. 13
TIME: 1:30pm – 3pm
PLACE: TEC-110 at the East end of the Technology Building (north edge of campus, along 12th Ave, behind the Performing Arts Center)

Sorry if this does not fit your schedule, we may consider moving it to a different time if needed, once we get rolling. This day and time was chosen based on our Doodle survey:

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How to be a better at Arguing.

Our next club meeting / event is Thursday, Oct. 18.

It is a special early edition meeting with a special guest.
We will meet at 11am in the Cultural Awareness Center
(inside the SCC Student Center) for a presentation and Q&A
with Philosophy Professor Nick Diehl.

Nick will discuss the formal structure of argument by analogy and some of it’s applications, including legal precedent, satire, and the design argument.

This meeting is open to the public, so bring your friends and enemies. See you there!

(The CAC is the room in the back of the Student Center, on the east side of the SCC campus quad)

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Fall Club Day

Fall Club Day

We will be tabling in the quad 10am-2pm.
Come help sell buttons and discuss being a free thinker with believers.
Meet at Don’s office at 10 if you volunteered to help set up.

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    • 12:00pm
      We will be meeting in the quad.
      Possible topics up for discussion: the recently leaked video of Romney talking to wealthy campaign contributors, riots over the controversial film depicting Muhammad, and anything else you guys/gals want to talk about. Feel free to suggest topics in the comments section below.

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SCC Welcome Day

The Freethinkers will be out in the quad from 10am to 2pm this Thursday. Come meet us in person and help spread the good word. 😉

And if you volunteered to work the table, please remember to show up!! Here’s the list:

Setup at 10:
Patrick, Larry, Celia, and Donald (?)

A.J. – 12 – 2
Celia – 10 – 2
Patrick- 10 – ?
Autumn – 10:45 – 1
Genie – 11 – 12
Austin – 11 – 1:30
Donald – 12 – 2
Nikki ?

Set up team meet at my COS-111 office at 10 minutes to 10am — Don

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Join us at Welcome Day

This Thursday, September 8, is Welcome Day at Sac City.

Many campus clubs and organizations will be tabling in the quad all day.

The Freethinkers will be there too, from 9am – 2pm (ish).

Come meet the core members and club officers, find out what we are about, and join up!

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Greta Christina talk on video

Sac City Freethinkers club with Greta Christina and Keith Lowell Jensen

Members of the Sac City Freethinkers club with Greta Christina and Keith Lowell Jensen

Our “Atheism & Sexuality” event on Tuesday turned out great! Thanks to Greta Christina and Keith Lowell Jenson for putting on an excellent educational and humorous talk.

We did not get to record, but fortunately Greta was recorded giving the same lecture at Skepticon 3 and that video is on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

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Student Government Elections — Get out the vote!

Tuesday 4/12 and Wednesday 4/13 are ASG Election Days.

All SCC students are encouraged to get out and vote for the candidates for next school year’s Student Government.

Though not an official endorsement, it might interest you to know that one of the candidates for ASG President, Leedell Williams, is a Freethinker who has participated in a number of club meetings and events in the past. He’s a good guy!

So get out and VOTE!

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