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Sex Positive Week of Fun and Education: Feb. 10 – 13

The Freethinkers are co-hosting a major event on the Sac City Campus this February. We are working with the Queer / Straight Alliance, Sac City Feminists, and the Sociology Club to promote Sex Positivity through 4 days of events.

Please visit our event site and our event Facebook page for all the updated info.



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Welcome to Fall 2012

The Freethinkers club has a busy and exciting Fall semester planned. We’ll have a few events every month and look forward to a lot of student participation.

Our first full meeting will be Thursday, Sept. 6 from 12 noon to about 2pm.

We will be meeting outside in the SCC quad near the gazebo. Look for our sign.

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We’re back for the Fall!

Well, the end of the world did NOT happen on May 21, 2011. So we figured that meant GOD really wanted the Sac City Freethinkers around for another semester (well, at least until October 21).

We’re starting the semester with club meeting on Friday at 1pm at Espresso Metro. We’ll see if that works for enough people, but we may change it in a few weeks.

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We will be holding a SPECIAL ELECTION for a new President and Treasurer. Because of the departure of our president elect and officer requirements, these offices are now vacant and need to be filled asap. New elections will be held at our first Fall semester meeting:

1pm in COS-108 (door says CM-108)
(Cosmetology bldg at NW corner of campus)

If you are interested in being considered for either office, please let us know by replying to this message. These are official, campus recognized offices, so there are rules about serving: The elected student officers must have a min. of 5 units at SCC during the Fall and Spring semester, and must maintain a 2.0 GPA.

September will be very busy, so we need your help

There are at least three events (possibly 4 or 5) the club is planning to participate in our first six weeks. We will need lots of volunteers and support, so please come to the meetings and join in.

THURSDAY, SEPT. 9: Welcome Day in the Quad

THURSDAY, SEPT. 23: Club Day in the Quad

THURSDAY, SEPT. 30: International Blasphemy Day (our own special brand of event in the Quad)

We may also want to participate in Constitution Day on Thursday, Sept. 16.

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