Sac City Freethinkers

Promoting free thought at City College


After 5 great and productive years as a student club at Sac City College, we have decided it is time for a name change. The Freethinkers name has served us well, and given us the opportunity to educate the college community on the concept of free thought. But it often caused confusion and distraction as well. 

So this Fall 2014 semester we will become the Secular Student Alliance – Sacramento City College chapter (or just SSA-SCC for short). This was a point of discussion last semester and the decision was made unanimously during our planning meeting last week.

Since our inception we have been an affiliate of the national Secular Student Alliance — the fantastic and very supportive organization of over 300 college and high school student groups like ours. Aligning our club name with the national organization will help us to demonstrate our solidarity with the many other student groups of the same name throughout the state and beyond, as well as allow us additional branding support from the SSA. Perhaps most importantly, I think the new name will project to the City College community a more inclusive and positive tone, and clearly communicate the purpose and values of the club. 

We will no longer be maintaining this website. All of our online activity, news, and event info will take place on our public Facebook Page and private Facebook Group. Please join us there. 


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