Sac City Freethinkers

Promoting free thought at City College

Fall Club Day

Fall Club Day

We will be tabling in the quad 10am-2pm.
Come help sell buttons and discuss being a free thinker with believers.
Meet at Don’s office at 10 if you volunteered to help set up.

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    • 12:00pm
      We will be meeting in the quad.
      Possible topics up for discussion: the recently leaked video of Romney talking to wealthy campaign contributors, riots over the controversial film depicting Muhammad, and anything else you guys/gals want to talk about. Feel free to suggest topics in the comments section below.

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SCC Welcome Day

The Freethinkers will be out in the quad from 10am to 2pm this Thursday. Come meet us in person and help spread the good word. 😉

And if you volunteered to work the table, please remember to show up!! Here’s the list:

Setup at 10:
Patrick, Larry, Celia, and Donald (?)

A.J. – 12 – 2
Celia – 10 – 2
Patrick- 10 – ?
Autumn – 10:45 – 1
Genie – 11 – 12
Austin – 11 – 1:30
Donald – 12 – 2
Nikki ?

Set up team meet at my COS-111 office at 10 minutes to 10am — Don

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