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The United States of Armageddon

Our May guest speaker will be Kel Munger.

Lillard Hall 101

7 – 9 pm
Free to all

For more info and a map, please visit our co-sponsor SacFAN

Kel MungerKel Munger is a writer and editor at the Sacramento News & Review, where she covers books, theater, religion, GLBTQ and feminist issues, and education. Her journalism has won awards from the California Newspaper Publishers Association, and she has also won prizes and honors for her poetry and fiction, including a Pearl Hogrefe Fellowship. She is the author of The Fragile Peace You Keep: Poems (New Rivers Press, 1998), and her first novel is currently under consideration at Southeast Missouri State University Press. She is a recovering Jehovah’s Witness.

From the mega-best-selling “Left Behind” novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins to films like 2012 and I am Legend, the end of the world fascinates us. And, while the idea of apocalypse dates to before the Christian era, Americans have refined it to a gory, glorious epic–then exported it to the rest of the world, with implications for the environment and international relations, not to mention the economy. What is it that leads Americans toward apocalypse? Kel Munger will offer some theories, including her favorite: Armageddon is true believers’ big chance to yell “fuck you!” at a culture they’ve never been able to master.


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Save the children from creationist brainwashing!

It’s videos like this that give us atheist activists yet another reason to get up in the morning. So many young corrupted minds to save!

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