Sac City Freethinkers

Promoting free thought at City College

Ask An Atheist* – April 6

* or agnostic, skeptic, secularist, naturalist, humanist, other non-theist

NOON – 1pm
SCC Quad

Come with your questions and we’ll answer them all.


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Club Day this Thursday

March 11 is Club Day on the Sac City campus.

Come out and meet all the Freethinkers. We’ll be selling snacks, drinks, hot coffee, and our awesome and irreverent custom-made buttons.

We’ll also have several informational displays and some provocative and thought-provoking interactive games for believers and non-believers alike.

We’ll be there all day, from 9am – 3pm. Look for the “No Dogma” sign.

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Proving the Negative

Sac State Philosophy Professor Matt McCormick will be speaking about the prospects for proving that there is no God, or proving the negative, as it were. He’ll offer a novel argument for atheism. Be sure to come or he’ll prove that you aren’t real either.

Tuesday, March 16

This event is hosted by the Meet-Up group Sacramento Freethinkers Atheists & Nonbelievers (SacFAN). For all the details visit their page.

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