Sac City Freethinkers

Promoting free thought at City College

PZ Myers’ visit now on YouTube

PZ Myers speaking at Sac City College

PZ Myers describes Choanoflagellates at Sacramento City College, an event hosted by the Sac City Freethinkers and the Secular Student Alliance.

A video of our PZ Myers event in January is now available on YouTube.

It’s in twelve 10-minute chunks.

Thanks to Marcus and TheBadPhysicist’s Channel for posting it.


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Valentine Buttons for Sale

Freethinker Valentine ButtonsThursday, Feb. 11
SCC quad

The Sac City Freethinkers will in the quad this Thursday to sell our custom-made Freethinking Valentines Buttons. Other phrases include: “Atheists Do It With No Guilt,” “Guilt-free Lover,” “Happy Atheist,” and many others!

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Coalition of Reason billboards arrive

The first round of Coalition of Reason billboards are now sprinkled throughout the Sacramento area, and local media has started to cover it. Our own Mike Krebsbach is one of the designated spokespersons for the nationwide “Good without God” campaign.

These photos are of the billboard at the corner of 16th Street and Broadway.

For more info, visit

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