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Is America a Christian Nation?

“Religion, the American Revolution, and the Founding Generation”
Featuring Leigh Johnsen, Ph.D.
SMUD Headquarters Conference Center
6201 S Street, Sacramento, CA
Monday, November 2, 7:00 PM

How often do we hear that America is a Christian nation, that the
political system of the United States was founded on Christian
principles and that its legal structure today should reflect those
origins? This presentation questions that popular assumption. It
examines evidence from the colonial and revolutionary years with the
goal of understanding better the intentions of the founding
generation. A question and answer session will follow the

Leigh Johnsen holds a doctorate in early American history from the
University of California, Riverside. His dissertation focuses on the
interaction between religion and society during the American
Revolution. In 2003, he published the personal papers of Isaac Backus,
a dissenting clergyman from the Revolutionary era often compared to
Thomas Jefferson because of his importance for church-state relations
in early America. Johnsen is currently the archivist/librarian of the
San Joaquin County Historical Society.

This event is free and open to the public — please invite your friends! For more information, please contact Carol Velarde ( or 916-684-4730).


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