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Promoting free thought at City College

FREE Cookies and Punch!

cookies and punch!

cookies and punch!

City College Club Day is Thursday, September 24.

The Sac City Freethinkers will be out in force to share our non-belief with the student body, educate, raise probing questions, and sign up new members.

Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your local religious zealot. We’d love to meet them.

Oh, yeah… We’ll also be giving away free cookies and punch… just like church.


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A shocking and graphic Anti-Women’s Choice group set up camp in the SCC quad on Wednesday and caused a huge disturbance. Many students were very upset, in tears, and some engaged these presenters in a very passionate and heated debate.

(see a student journalist video report on

This group, called “Survivors of the (Abortion) Holocaust”, led by a man called “Don The Baptist” will be RETURNING TO CAMPUS THURSDAY.

The SCF is working with the Gay Straight Alliance to set up tables across from this disgusting display and offer students an alternative viewpoint.


This group’s approach is overtly right-wing Christian. Please, any and all Freethinkers, come out tomorrow and sit at our table to share your dissenting opinion and offer students some dogma-free, non-judgmental support and insight.

Our table will be set up at 8:30 am and will need be staffed until 3 pm, when our already scheduled meeting will be held.

If you are able to staff the table, even for just 30 minutes, please reply to this posting.

For any additional info, call Aimee at 747-3700 or Don at 396-1134.

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Come to our first meeting of Fall 09

3:30 – 5 pm (don’t be afraid to come late if you have class)

T-100 classroom
(Technology building at NW corner of the campus behind the Main Auditorium – See map graphic)

We will be discussing plans for Club Day (next Thursday, 09/24), event ideas, fundraising, and much more.

Meeting location in T-100

Meeting location in T-100

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Meet us on Welcome Day!

nogodThe SCF will be hosting a welcome table in the SCC quad on Welcome Day, Thursday, September 10, from 11am – 5pm.

We invite you to drop by and introduce yourself, ask questions, pose answers, question authority, deny the existence of god, and generally have a good time.

If you would like to volunteer to help staff the table for an hour or two, please e-mail us asap.

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