Sac City Freethinkers

Promoting free thought at City College

Come to the Freethinkers Soapbox


This is your chance to come out of the Freethinkers closet!

On Thursday, April 30, from noon to 1pm,  the Sac City Freethinkers will host the first Freethinkers Soapbox on the campus quad in front of the Student Center.

All Freethinking students and faculty are invited to come out in public and state your personal beliefs about Atheism, religion, God, science, faith, secularism, humanism, etc. 

Each speaker will be alloted a limited time slot to speak. Rebuttals and second statements may be allowed if time permits. This soapbox event is limited to SCC students and employees who generally agree with the SCF mission statement. We will be planning an open mic forum event for the Fall semester that will include the opportunity for countering opinions.

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